Agnes Obel – “Brother Sparrow” – 5.3.12

Agnes Obel
“Brother Sparrow”

“Picture fresh as water clear
Days have passed without you here
Street lights dancing on the dark across the park
Waiting for a word from you, waiting for a sign or two
Footsteps on the city ground, you know the sound”

[audio:|titles=Agnes Obel – Brother Sparrow]

I have mentioned before that I have a really unhelpful power of discovering and liking artists a year or two after they released music rather than discovering it during some time when it could be relevant, and Agnes Obel fits perfectly into that category. I have been listening to her 2010 album Philharmonics on repeat for the past few weeks. Then this past weekend I visited my friends parents house for the first time and saw that they had the vinyl. After inquiring about it, I was told that she had stayed at their place while on tour once. Needless to say I was (am) a little (very)  jealous about this and have been pouting ever since.

I did read that the Danish singer-songwriter might be working on a new album this summer. If that’s the case I hope she releases it soon, goes on tour, stays at their house again, I’m invited over, we fall in love and she sings me to sleep every night.


Agnes Obel – “Avenue”

[audio:|titles=Agnes Obel – Avenue]

Agnes Obel – “Riverside”

[audio:|titles=Agnes Obel – Riverside]

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