Apache Dropout – “It’s a Nightmare” – 12.29.11


“I had a dream…  You know that dream came true.
I had a dream, that this would happen, but I swore it wasn’t true…
…Oh, It’s a nightmare…
…And the blood, oh, the blood!”

  Somehow, despite the 30 seconds of blood-curdling suicidal shrieks, this song still rocks.  Probably because these cats from Bloomington don’t seem to give a damn about you or your ear drums.

As Mexican Summer label-locals, I had a good feeling about these neo-psychedelic garage rockers from the get-go and wasn’t let down.  Apache Dropout is everything I love about rock and roll.  Cheap thrills and no-frills, covered to the gills in dirt and swagger.  A veritable treasure chest of blood and sweat.  I wan’t to go shit-kickin’ through the Midwest with these inevitably smelly and unshaven unsavory’s.

I bet they have a good story or two about them Indiana nights.

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