Beach House – “Myth” – 3.7.12

Beach House

In 2010 when Beach House came out with Teen Dream I gave it a listen and cast it aside not understanding what everyone was getting all excited about. Luckily I picked it back up a year or so later after realizing that many a band has slipped through my fingers because i wasn’t blown away the first time I listened to them. Since I gave them a second chance Beach House has grown on me more and more with every listen, they keep me upbeat in the winter and fit perfectly with my attitude during the summer.

“Myth” was released late last night by the Baltimore duo, Victoria Legrand and Alex Scally who make up Beach House. It didn’t take me several listens to appreciate “Myth” like it did when I was first getting into Beach House. Nope, it only took me one listen to not only like the beautiful song but get excited for the summer (May 15th?) release of Beach Houses upcoming album Bloom.

– Alex

“Take Care”

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