Broadcast – “Before We Begin” – 11.22.12

“Before We Begin”

“Here again, at the end
Before the beginning
So the salt will spill again
Throw it over your shoulder

Oh it’s in tomorrow
Fortune or sorrow
Wait you may win
I don’t mean to show
That I know how this goes
Before we begin again”

Broadcast – “Before We Begin”

[audio:|titles=Broadcast Before We Begin]

I’ve had a draft for Broadcast sitting around for months, but there has never been a time that felt quite right to post it. Until now. Thanksgiving is the perfect day to sit back with a tummy full of food, a winter beer (wine/liquor/whatever your delicious poison), and listen to the perfect serene vocals of Trish Keenan.

If you don’t know Broadcast already, do yourself a favor, stop reading this and go buy all their music. I’ll wait……. Alright, now you can lay back and listen to two of the great songs off Broadcast’s amazing 2003 album Haha Sound.

Have a happy Thanksgiving from everyone at DHM!



Broadcast – “Colour Me In”

[audio:|titles=Broadcast Colour Me In]

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