Dizzee Rascal (Featuring Lily Allen) – Wanna Be – 12.13.11

“Nobody dictates, so I’m Choosin’
Where I go, what I do with my life, stupid
And I hold, I’m own, I’m raskit
You better watch your tone you spastic”

Luckily one of our requirements for Song of the Day isn’t that it necessarily has to be new, just something that we are feeling at that point and time (it’s just a plus if its a new song or artist). I’m happy about this because I forgot about this song until I heard it in my car the other day and immediately became re-obsessed. “Wanna Be” is from Dizzee Rascals 2007 album Maths + English and it features one of my (and I’m sure several others) biggest girl musician crushes, Lily Allen.

This is a song I would normally associate more with a warm sunny summer day and not a cold winter one, but sometimes that’s exactly what you need on a day like today. It’s cold out but I can see a warm summer sun just dying to peak it’s head out through the clouds. When I put on “Wanna Be” I don’t care if the sun decides to come out or not because I’m already being transported into the equivalent of a Spuds McKenzie/Rolling Rock Beer Ape commercial where the sun is always out and animals provide me with all the free summer beer (watery) I can drink!

I should also note that “So You Wanna Be A Boxer?” from the 1976 musical Bugsy Malone is where Lily Allen’s sing-songy hook is originally from. The second Song of the Day I have done this week to borrow from a late 70’s song (here’s the first).

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