Emily Wells – “Take It Easy, San Francisco” – 1.27.12

“Tell me what you’ve done to me 
can we please take it easy?
it be so lovely like a gloomy afternoon
to just take it easy with you.”

I’m beginning to realize that like 80% of the songs I post for my Songs of the Day are female vocalists. I think I’m just a huge sucker for nice soothing voices that can put me in a calm mood. I’m never really in an intense, stressed out mood so maybe I just like music that fits my normal everyday moods (calm, happy and hungry). “Take It Easy, San Francisco” goes above and beyond just the vocals of Emily Wells to put me into a nice sedated state. The gentle melody flows fluidly along as the lyrics “Take it Easy” keep showing up, almost as a soft quiet command. I’m not one to disobey orders so I follow suit and proceed to slow down the functions of my body and melt into my seat like I’m in an anti marijuana smoking commercial.

“Take It Easy, San Francisco” is off Emily Wells 20o9 EP Dirty. Dirty was the last release Emily Wells had. There were rumors of a collaboration with Dan the Automator called Pillow Fight that was supposed to be released last year. I haven’t heard anything about the collaboration since but there is this youtube video of them performing one of their songs (the song starts at 2:25).

Until Emily Wells releases some new tunes I will just have to be happy with the old ones and in her words “Take it easy.”

– Alex

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