Erik Sumo Band- “The Real Moustache” – 2.12.12

Erik Sumo Band
“The Real Moustache”

After what seems like years of searching, I finally have a job somewhere close to the degree I graduated college with that pays me real money (My DHM job only pays me in headaches and stress). Even though it’s only a part time job, it still took a nice weight off my back and in doing so made me think about my most pathetic moment in my past few unemployed months.  Like all my recent memories I have a band and song that was right there with me while I went through it.

It was in November I think and I had just moved into a new place in a new city the month before and it was pouring rain outside. I needed the internet to go on craigslist and look for jobs but I had none at my house so I drove to my friends place in the hope that they were there. Ended up they were both at work so I just sat in my car outside of their apartment in the cold wondering where I should go because I didn’t have money to spend at a coffee shop so I could use their internet. It was then that I realize I still had my friend’s neighbor’s wireless password so I decided to see if the signal was strong enough for me to reach from my car. Luckily for me it was so I hopped into the back seat of my car in the dark cold raining Seattle streets and started to look for jobs online while listening to the only CD I had on me, My Rocky Mountain by Erik Sumo Band.

I’ve had worse days and days where I was much more bummed out on life but none equals the pathetic worthlessness I felt that day listening to “The Real Moustache” in the back of my car with my coat over my head and computer (so no one outside could see the glow of my screen) stealing my friends neighbors internet as I looked for jobs in the cold rain. When I listen to the Erik Sumo Band now I have to laugh to myself because it’s not a bad memory but instead a weirdly happy one I’m glad that I have.

Erik Sumo Band is a Hungarian indie-pop group from Budapest. My Rocky Mountain was released in 2005 and since then the seven person group has lost and gained members while releasing two more albums their most recent of which, The Ice Tower came out in 2011.

– Alex


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