FIDLAR – “Wake Bake Skate” – 12.8.11

“Wake Bake Skate”

“I’m going to try and make it for another year.
Just to hang out with my best friends and drink a little beer…
…I’m so fucking cheap, and I’m so fucking broke,
And I don’t have a job and I don’t have a phone and I don’t have a life and I’m always stoned.”

FIDLAR spawned in that same “shit-kicking, rock n’ roll, not givin’ a fuck” romanticized vein that I always dreamed of existing in.

A world where careers, responsibilities, and goals didn’t even cross your half-baked brain, and where punching holes in dry-wall and/or faces was celebrated if not deemed mandatory.  Maybe it was the plethora of shit-barf skate videos I used to watch, the punk-rock priests I once idolized, or the escapism and union in the mosh pit — whatever it was– instilled deep in my suburban-sprawl-sprouted heart is a love for all those that proudly can say “I don’t give a fuck” and truly mean it.

FIDLAR lives and breathes in the moment, completely present to the impermanence and unknowing we all face day-to-day.  For that existential acknowledgement, these Los Angeles local crass deserve Song of the Day more than anyone.  So, in honor of those that already blew it and grew up too fast, shotgun a tall-boy of PBR and ollie down your apartment’s 4-stair on your way to a show.

I don’t give a fuck if it’s the middle of winter, just do it.

– Alex

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