Gardens & Villa – Orange Blossom – 11.28.11

Gardens & Villa
Orange Blossom

“I know how love grows,
Like a fire in your grove.
Think of me like a swarm of bees,
Buzzing around your leaves,
To pollinate means ecstacy.”

Gimme the Loot, Gimme That Sexy Flute!

Gardens & Villa, more formally known as Gardens & “VEE-yah,” bring much needed attention to the Santa Barbara music scene. From galactic aural exploration to post-modern tribal rock, Chris Lynch shreds on the wooden flute like a real chief to perfectly coincide with the sexy bass undertones in “Orange Blossom.”

It’s just enough to get your hips gyrating and your pelvis thrusting in a rawhide, dim-lit teepee. Check these dudes out live before their intimate shows turn into not-so intimate shows when they start selling out big-time venues.

– Erica


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