Geographer – “Kites” – 10.21.12


“Pile lover upon lover
til we’re covered with skin
there’s nothing to discover
from the thunder and lightning
there’s no way to recover
this is love not loving
and now we are all each other
i was a brother
when i saw you”

I’ve been meaning to do a post for Geographer ever since Travis played “Kites” for me a few months ago. I really have no excuse for not doing one other than I want to keep it all to myself (not an actual reason). Today works out to be the perfect day though, because Geographer will be opening the Freelance Whales show in Seattle tonight at Chop Suey. If you are a Seattle resident I highly recommend that you come join us, and if you reside somewhere else, check out their tour schedule and if they come to a nearby city, you best go.

“Kites” and the equally good “Life Of Crime” (attached below) are off Geographers 2012 album Myth, out now through Modern Art Records.


Geographer – Life of Crime by geographermusic

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