Hillfolk Noir – “Parchman Farm Blues” – 3.13.12

Hillfolk Noir
“Parchman Farm Blues”

I’m sure that everyone’s had a time in their life when they heard a song and could imagine it going along with a specific set of visuals, whether they’re from a movie, TV show or just your own crazy mind. When I first listened to Hillfolk Noir’s “Parchman Farm Blues” all I wanted to do was call up the producers of FX’s Justified (one of my favorites) and let them know I had a song that would fit perfectly with their show. If you’re a fan of Justified and can listen to “Parchman Farm Blues” without imagining it at the end of an episode as it’s fading into the credits after a shot of some person Raylan just killed or a Kentucky landscapes then you my friend are a liar and I will fight you.

“Parchman Farm Blues” is off Hillfolk Noir’s new album Radio Hour that can be listened to on Soundcloud or purchased on their website (for best results, do both). Hillfolk Noir is from my hometown of Boise, Idaho (woot woot!) and if you’re a music festival kind of person you can see them March 14th at SXSW or March 24th at Boise’s inaugural Treefort Music Fest. We recommend doing both but if you’re not extreme enough we understand.

– Alex

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