Hospitality – “Friends of Friends” – 3.14.12

“Friends of Friends”

“I don’t wanna go
Down to 14th street
In old New York
I’d rather be home
Find it’s all the same
Crowded bars and planes
New Amsterdam and tall rich men”

I’ve heard several singles from artists this year I absolutely love but there’s only been a handful of full albums I’ve really enjoyed. With the exception of maybe only one other album (I’ll be doing a post for it soon), Hospitality’s Hospitality has been one of my favorite full albums of 2012. It might be because I’m getting excited for spring and summer coming that I’ve been enjoying Hospitality and their ridiculously upbeat sound so much, but I really do think their album is more than that and might even stick around to make a top list of mine later this year.

Hospitality is from Brooklyn, New York (of course) and they released their self titled album January 31st of this year. Amber Papini is the owner of the voice that will be running through your mind days after you listen to any of Hospitality’s music. If you would like to see Amber and the rest of Hospitality, you can catch them this week at SXSW.

I’ve attached three of their songs and a music video, which they get bonus points for using Alia Shawkat of Arrested Development in, I would have put more but you really should check out their album as a whole.

– Alex


“Friends of Friends” Music Video

Hospitality – “Eighth Avenue”

Hospitality – “Betty Wang”

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