Lilacs & Champagne – “Everywhere, Everyone” – 1.26.12

“I hear the raindrops on my window…”

Ominous and expansive.  Plunged in to the distant and rusted past –paranoid psychedelia— with only honed hip-hop sensibilities in your survival pack.  Acid-trip tendencies twisting up the synapses of the spinal cord.

Alex Hall and Emil Amos (the production duo behind GRAILS) lead you along that razor-edged tight-rope that separates school-boy experimentation from reality-shatter.  That moment when you realize how filthy your hands are.  They are the watchmen along the tower.  The shepherd’s distant light.  If I could do a better job describing Lilacs & Champagne‘s sound, I would, but I’ll leave it to the professionals at Mexican Summer:

“…They’ve created another umbrella under which to tweak hip-hop, tape-collage and the darkest creases of 70′s film-soundtracks with their lysergic and perverse style of head-music. The project’s name and imagery evoke a

strange thrift-store mystery LP you might come across, unsure if you’ve discovered an exotic dub record, a flowery Bacharach AM radio classic or something by an obscure duo of Swedish avant-techno producers.”




The self-titled album releases January 31st, I’ll have to listen to this song on repeat and head-nod until then.




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