Lindi Ortega – “Little Lie” – 3.29.12

Lindi Ortega
“Little Lie”

 “I told a lie or three when you looked at me and asked if I love you still.
You don’t wanna know what’s real, how I really feel,
Never did, and you never will, no, no, no.
I didn’t wanna tell you, tell you,
Didn’t wanna tell you anything you didn’t wanna hear.
Look a little closer then the truth when the covers clear.”

Well my mom just got done visiting me so I thought I would do an artist that I first heard about from her. When I first gave Lindi Ortega a listen I was immediately reminded of Imelda May (who you may be hearing about tomorrow) because I wasn’t able to peg her down with one specific style. Every song of hers I listened to, I was exposed to another style or variation of a style while still retaining a unique and distinct sound that’s specifically Lindi Ortegas. I initially wanted to do a post for Lindi Ortega’s song “Little Red Boots” off her album Little Red Boots but I couldn’t find a file I could easily stream, and although I don’t like it nearly as much as “Little Red Boots,” “Little Lie” is still pretty great in its own right and has the benefit of having a fun music video to accompany it.

Lindi Ortega is (this is a sentence I didn’t foresee myself writing) a Canadian singer-songwriter of Mexican/Irish heritage and the album and song, Little Red Bots, are named after the boot’s she acquired while on tour with Kevin Costner. She’s pretty much just a walking cliché with a background like that. Anyway, her album Little red Boots came out last year and if you’re lucky you can see her in concert touring with Social Distortion. She will be in Seattle on April 13th at the Paramount Theater and if you live somewhere else you can take a look at her upcoming shows here.

– Alex

Lindi Ortega – “Little Lie”

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