[Music Video] Chairlift – “Met Before” – 3.22.12

“Met Before”

“Was that you on the screen or just in line for the movie? 
Because my heart is beating fast and I wish that I knew why. 

Have we met before? Amongst the buzzing? 
Clear like yesterday when you look at me and smile.”

Chairlift sure knows how to appeal to the 90’s kid in me with it’s “pick your own adventure” music video reminiscent of the R.L. Stine books I remember loving so much back in the day. I wish I could help describe what happens in the Jordan Fish directed video to you but since it allows the viewer to choose which direction they want it to go, it’s next to impossible for me to do so without sounding like an Observer from Fringe (too nerdy?).

The one thing I can tell you about the music video is that you start in a university lecture hall before you start following Caroline Polachek (definitely worse people out there you could follow) and what you do from there is up to you. Both the video for “Met Before” and the equally entertaining “Amanamonesia” that we covered a few months ago are off the Brooklyn duo’s album Something.

If you live in the Seattle area you can see Chairlift (and the DHM staff) at The Crocodile on April 7th. If you don’t live in Seattle you should check out their tour schedule and see if they will be making an appearance in your city.

– Alex

Chairlift – “Met Before”

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