ProleteR – “April Showers” – 4.3.12

“April Showers”

First off: Sorry about not posting anything in the past few days, we’ve been a wee bit busy and Ben is off being a jerk by visiting a different country without us. Since Ben is off having fun “seeing the world” I decided my post for today would be a song I stole from him.

Second off: I really don’t know that much at all about ProleteR so please forgive my lack of information. But hey, it’s April, so you know… some sort of witty play on words or joke about the song name relating to the month it is (also something about Seattle and rain).

If you can listen to ProleteR’s “April Showers” without getting the urge to walk around outside bobbing and dancing around with the sun like you’re in an old animated Disney cartoon then you have a pure black heart and are in desperate need of a doctor prescribed kitten cuddle injection.

If you like ProleteR’s “April Showers” as much as I did you can listen to (or buy) it and the rest of the songs from his Curses From Past Times EP on his Youtube, Bandcamp or Soundcloud pages.


ProleteR – “U Can Get It”

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