Psapp – “Hi” – 2.24.12


Get out the abacus and count this
A funny story with a dark twist
The target so big that you can’t miss 

And every page I turn I want more
I never know the next thing in store
‘Cos you excite me like a locked door

Psapp are kind of huge weirdos. Who else makes a music video like the one above, has those adorably creepy little monsters on their album covers and are credited with creating a style of music called toytronica? No one that’s who. The funny thing is, is no matter how weird or different they are, almost everyone that’s either a) A girl, b) A boyfriend of a girl or c) A fan of sappy television has heard at least one of their songs. The intro to Grey’s Anatomy is apparently (as I say pretending not to know for sure) a song by Psapp, so if they sound familiar that could be the reason why.

I’ve always like Carim Clasmann and Galia Durant, the duo that makes up Psapp. I have a soft spot for music that gets me peppy and feeling good inside and their toytronica style where they use toy guitars, flutes and even a chicken always does the trick.

Psapp is from London, England and “Hi” is off both their second album The Only Thing I Ever Wanted and Hi EP. Don’t let the fact that they are responsible for the Grey’s Anatomy theme song throw you, they really are a fun band.

– Alex

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