Punkin’ Machine – I Need You Tonight – 11.22.11

Punkin’ Machine
“I Need You Tonight”

“You, you’re everything I need tonight… You, you make me feel in paradise…
Tell me what to do to feel better, tell me what to do to feel warmer.”


Something about the harsh-as-hell, dark-at-3PM, Seattle winter doldrums brings out the disco groover in me.  I cling to the pastry-puff pop sound and incessant positivity as a pulsing light in the fog.  This song alleviates my worries and blissfully transcends my soul to erotic funk paradise.  Appreciations out to the LCD Soundsystem duo of James Murphy and Patrick Mahoney that popularized this sexual relic in their recent mixtape for famed London dance-club Fabric.

– Travis

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