[Round Up] Travis’ Top 5 Tracks

Whenever deemed necessary, Dead Horse March contributors are given the opportunity to reflect on their favorite personal tracks posted in the past.  We have given these wonderful songs of yesteryear another day in the sun; another taste of the luxurious limelight.  This phenomenon will be known simply as “The Round Up.



#1.  Twin Sister – “I Want a House”

“One of the lesser known tracks concocted by the Long Island group Twin Sister, “I Want a House” has quickly permeated my day-to-day activities and elevated itself to “fav” status.  Bestowed upon me by a star-crossed companion as 1/23rd of a life-altering mixtape, chock-full of 25 incredibly meaningful words, simply stating what we all really want: A partner.”

Originally posted on 11.26.11

#2.  Waterstrider – “Midnight Moon”


“…This Berkeley-based, commune-consisting group weaves adventurous anecdotes amongst the reeds of the wetlands and the hum of the mountain passes.  The lullaby-like vocals along with melodious mallet and maraca-work set a perfect pace in this track…”

Originally posted on 12.7.11



#3.  Wise Blood – “Loud Mouths”


“…Chris’ presence couldn’t be held by the sound stage constructed at Neumos in Capitol Hill.  As a result the majority of the Wise Blood set that summer night was performed from the cluttered cinder-grey concrete floor at my feet… I thought it was rad…”

Originally posted on 12.9.11





#4.  Tamaryn / Ford & Lopatin – “Flying Dream”


“This ethereal epic was gifted to the universe as half of record label-extraordinaire Mexican Summer‘s 100th release.  Featuring the hard-to-hate combo of spaced out female vocalist billowing over chug-chug electro war-dance instrumentation, I was instantly enamored by this expansive production by Ford & Lopatin and the cosmic chorus’ of label-mate Tamaryn.  Dig it.”

Originally posted on 12.1.11


#5.  Gem Club – “Red Arrow”

Haunting vocals float effortlessly above the swan-song string section in this romanced rhythmic delight.  Courtesy of the dramatic pop duo Christoper Barnes and Kristen Drymala, Gem Club‘s “Red Arrow” instantly transports me to a dream-lit room where rain-refracted lights from passing cars paint the ceiling with fire-fly brilliance, where sleep won’t come.  But at least she’s lying next to me.”

Originally posted on 11.30.11



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