Saäda Bonaire – “You Could Be More As You Are”

“You could be more as you are, can’t you see?
You could be anything, you could be free.”

We’ve got some rare content for you! I guess I have to thank a couple of Seattle vinyl DJ’s for sharing this 80’s oddity with me. It was on an outdoor patio last Summer when I first heard it. Those stabbing synths and rubbery reggae bass line cut through the noise and I was compelled ask them who it was. 

It was Saäda Bonaire, a multicultural Frankenstein of sorts — the creation of a German club DJ, Ralph “Von” Richtoven. The group was comprised of 20 or so reggae and Turkish folk musicians, who were apparently recruited from the German immigration department, and a couple of sultry disco singers, Stefanie Lange and Claudia Hossfeld. They released the single under British record label, EMI in 1982, only to be dropped immediately afterwards due to production going exceedingly over budget. Captured Tracks re-released it, thankfully.

I love how it never seems to end. Just when you think it’s winding down, the Saz guitar riffs and pumping synths creep back in alongside Lange and Hossfeld’s haunting vocals, carrying on for another four minutes or so. I hope you enjoy this one as much as I do.

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