Sallie Ford & The Sound Outside – “Danger” – 2.13.12

Sallie Ford & The Sound Outside

“Is this what they call love at first sight
All full of fright and I’m face first on the floor
Cause I got a stomach full of butterflies
When I look into your eyes
You make me want more / You are such a mystery
When you are next to me, you drive me crazy”

Sallie Ford & The Sound Outside‘s 2011 album Dirty Radio made it onto my top 10 list for the year and has continue to make frequent appearances on my record player at home. This week for Song’s of the Day I’m planning on doing a few of my favorites from the past few years because constantly looking for new music is tiring  and this is part my site so I can kind of do whatever I want (That’s why we’re switching from a music site to one that only shows videos of kittens playing with ladybugs).

Sallie Ford & The Sound Outside are from Portland, Oregon, which is way too close for us not to have caught them live yet. You can rest assured that we will do whatever it takes to catch them when they get back from touring in Europe. Until then I will continue to do my best to share their unique 50’s Rock N Roll sound with as many people as I can.

– Alex

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