Shimmering Stars – I’m Gonna Try – 12.3.11

Shimmering Stars
“I’m Gonna Try”

“Walking down the street and I wanna kill everything I see.
How come I don’t like anyone that I meet.”

Ugh, story of my life…But if you listen to Shimmering Stars‘ “I’m Gonna Try” blindly it comes off as a feel good groovy tune from the ’50s. Turns out they’re in their late 20’s and are a bunch of “sexually repressed and puritanically correct” jerks from some small town in Canada called “British Columbia.”

Where ever that is.

Anyways, I actually love this song and love Shimmering Stars because they’re another one of those new bands that sounds old. In a way I feel classy when I have them playing in my shitty apartment. And I’m even more stoked because they’re coming through the Pacific NW in the next couple of weeks.

– Ben

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