Sin Fang (Bous) – “Catch the Light” – 3.9.12

Sin Fang (Bous)
“Catch the Light”

“Tonight I’m fighting anyone willing
Tonight I won’t be a man letting love in
I can’t get her back on my pointless lies now
I kissed her face and I slept in a bar”

This is part two of my epic two part Song of the Day series that addresses the insanely important personal opinion I have that the solo acts Sin Fang Bous and Soley are better than the Icelandic band Seabear they were both a part of. Yesterdays Part 1 can be found here, or you can wait to read it in its entirety when I’m awarded the Pulitzer Prize for my in-depth analysis of a subject everyone was dying to hear more about.

Sindri Már Sigfússon, known as Sin Fang Bous or recently simply as Sin Fang, was the original creator of the band Seabear which transformed from a one man band to a trio to finally a seven piece in 2006. I was never a huge fan of Seabear but I really do enjoy the solo work of Sin Fang. “Catch the Light” is a catchy (get it?!?!) folksy song from Sin Fang Bous’ (he still had the Bous at that point)  2009 album Clangour.

Recently Sin Fang released Summer Echoes in 2011. I included a music video and Soundcloud for “Because of the Blood” from Summer Echoes as well as a bonus song from Clangour below. I can only hope that Sin Fang and the rest of the members from Seabear continue on with their wonderful solo work and do not plan a reunion anytime soon!

– Alex

Sin Fang – “Because of the Blood”


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