Sóley – “I’ll Drown” – 3.8.12

“I’ll Drown”

“You’ll never escape
from this sad, sad house,
I take his hand,
we sink.
I’ll drown when I see you,
I’ll drown when I see you,
I’ll drown when I see you,
I do.”

I’m sure everyone’s heard an example of the “individual parts combining to make something greater” lesson. The one that sticks with me is how all the ingredients of a cake aren’t that good individually, but when combined together correctly they make something delicious. I get what the metaphor is trying to say and I think it applies to many bands that exist today (and have in the past). Don’t mess with the perfect set of ingredients if they already make something that’s delicious and I certainly don’t want to just eat flour on its own because that’s disgusting, also it makes me very thirsty. As much as I think several bands need to stick with their full set of normal ingredients to make their cake delicious, there are some bands where I think the individual ingredients are better than the whole they made up before.

The long winded paragraph above is my way of saying that I like the solo work of members from the Icelandic band Seabear much more than I like their work together. Continuing the metaphor, it’s like we just took the eggs (today and tomorrows SOD artists) from the cake (Seabear) and use them in a different way making them into a omelet or whatever other delicious egg based dish you happen to like.  I couldn’t decide which solo artist I wanted to share for a Song of the Day post on so I decided to just make this a two part post. Part two coming tomorrow.

Sóley, (Sóley Stefánsdóttir) is an Icelandic singer, pianist and member of Seabear. I would like to forget about her Seabear work because I personally don’t care for it as much as I do her solo work. Sóley uses a piano and her voice to hook the listener and draw them in to her songs. Artists like Bjork, Sigur Ros and recently Of Monsters & Men are the most well known Icelandic bands and although I like some of their work, I’ll take Sóley over them any day.

“I’ll Drown” is off Sóley‘s 2011 album We Sink. Attached below, I’ve also included “Theater Island” from Sóley’s 2010 EP Theater Island. I recommend giving both songs a listen and the same goes for her EP and album both of which are really are beautiful.

– Alex

Sóley – “Theater Island”

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