[Song(s) of the Day] / [Album Stream] Typhoon – “Morton’s Fork” & “Possible Deaths”



“Morton’s Fork” & “Possible Deaths”

(also, stream White Lighter)


I cannot cannot stop listening to these two tracks. Particularly while driving. They sort of make being alive feel like it matters. & I like it when things do that. Situated next to each other on Typhoon‘s new record, White Lighter, “Morton’s Fork” & “Possible Deaths” transition so seamlessly into one another, at first I thought they were one song. It just so happens that Typhoon did a nice little session for Oregon Public Broadcasting that includes these two dark beauties all smooshed together. Listen below. Then go ahead & stream the entire album. It’s worth forty-six and a half minutes of your attention. Typhoon recalls everything from Stars to DeVotchKa to Horse Feathers to Yeasayer and then some. There are approximately one billion people in this Portland, Ore. outfit & you can tell. So many sounds all crashing in on each other with SO MANY DARK, MEANINGFUL, SENTIMENTAL & EARNEST WORDS laid on top. But not in an annoying way. What?

— Catie

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