Still Corners – “Endless Summer” – 3.28.12

Still Corners
“Endless Summer”

“We are out of tune (aaah)
But feels so right
Tide will be in soon (aaah)
This soft and light
Summer ends soon (aaah)”

More dream pop coming at ya! As any casual readers of DHM can probably tell, I’ve been on a pretty big dream pop kick recently. I’ve been trying to mix in some other types of music but in the end I can’t help what I’m drawn toward and chances are I’ll find a few more post worthy dream pop bands in the coming weeks. That being said, I don’t know how Still Corners has evaded me for this long because “Endless Summer” ranks right up there with my favorite songs as of late.

Still Corners was started by Greg Hughes and Tessa Murray and later rounded out with Leon Dufficy and Luke Jarvis. Still Corners is a UK band signed with Subpop and both “Endless Summer” and “Don’t Fall In Love” are from their 2011 debut album, Creatures of an Hour. I’ve included the music video for “Endless Summer” below even though it visually doesn’t live up to what I wanted it to be. Not very awesome of Still Corners to just up and make a video without asking me what they should do first. I still recommend watching the video but I would listen to the song on its own first so you can get your own feel for it.

– Alex


Still Corners – “Don’t Fall In Love”

[Music Video] Still Corners – “Endless Summer”

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