Útidúr – “Fisherman’s Friend” – 3.15.12

“Fisherman’s Friend”

I don’t know why but I’ve been on some sort of Icelandic musical kick these past few weeks. It probably has something to do with one of the ways I find new music; using sites like Last.fm or music-map.com to find artists similar to ones I already enjoy. Útidúr is probably the closest I’ve ever heard a band coming to sounding like Beirut (one of my favorites) while still maintaining their own sort of sound and remaining different in my mind.

“Fisherman’s Friend” and “Killer On the Run” are both off Útidúr’s 2010 album This Mess We’ve Made. I feel like every site I read looking for information on Útidúr gave me a different number of how many people are actually in the band, ranging from 9-20. Their official site say’s a ten piece band so I’ll just go with that. I haven’t heard anything about any new albums in the works but if I’m wrong, I would be very happy to be corrected. You can find This Mess We’ve Made on itunes, in a physical copy or streaming all from their website. If you like their music you should buy their album and if you can, maybe pester them about making a vinyl of it because I would really enjoy one.


Útidúr – Killer On The Run by Útidúr

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