[Video] CocoRosie – “Child Bride”

“Child Bride”Screen Shot 2013-07-16 at 8.52.49 PM

If not for the awkward lengths of direct eye contact from a small child mouthing disturbing lyrics, one may mistake this stark Scandinavian-esque visual for a Bon Iver music video.

Granted, there are a lot of scenes of children looking longingly out windows, beautiful bokeh, and serene waterways, but it’s that whole bit about the enforced child marriage that throws it off.  Emma Freeman, you blew it, unless you WEREN’T trying to make a shitty Bon Iver music video and you wanted to make something scary and fucking wondrous; then you won.

This equally entrancing video for an entrancing track is perfectly done and makes you think of things you would rather hide in your brain right behind “basic algebra.” Make sure to watch the last scene, it’s a despair-filled-doozy! Happy Hump Day!


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