[Video] Mister Heavenly – “Bronx Sniper” – 3.24.12

Mister Heavenly
“Bronx Sniper”

“No one gets out of here alive
In the melee there are many ways to cry
Who knows where the gunshots are coming from
Those who’ve been picked off aren’t saying much”

The idea of making seven song Attention Spans was one of the first reasons we decided to create DHM. Unfortunately compiling the videos, editing, and everything else involved in the production of them proved not to be worth the amount of time it took to do so. As a result I have a pretty big back-up of music videos I won’t be making Attention Spans out of but still want to share because I wouldn’t have chosen them in the first place if it wasn’t a song/video I liked. Mister Heavenly’s “Bronx Sniper” is the first of those videos I will be using (I won’t make this announcement every time, just thought I would let anyone wondering about what happened to Attention Spans what was up).

I had Mister Heavenly’s album Out of Love playing in my car the week or so before I moved up to Seattle last September. It’s not my favorite album in the world or anything but I did kind of enjoy the 50’s malt shop sounding rock songs that take up most of the album and I really liked the opening track “Bronx Sniper” which seems a little out of place with the rest of the album with it’s harder rocking almost Black Keys style. Since it was in my car those days before I left the City of Trees (Boise, Idaho), listening to “Bronx Sniper” makes me remember driving all over the city doing last minute errands with my ex-girlfriend. Although my experience is, I’m sure, way exciting sounding, there is enough awesome rocking out and destruction in this music video to make anyone reading this have an equally punk rock association with Mister Heavenly.

Mister Heavenly is a “supergroup” consisting of members from bands like Man Man, Islands, The Unicorns, Modest Mouse, The Shins and even had Michael Cera as their touring bassist. If having Michael Cera in your band doesn’t say rock n’ roll, then I don’t know what does.

– Alex

Mister Heavenly – “Bronx Sniper”


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