[Video] Polica – “Dark Star”




Watch the new video from Polica (pronounced poe-lisa) for “Dark Star,” a song off their debut album Give You the Ghost. The Minneapolis based electro-psychadelic R&B band is led by the oh-so-dreamy (and mysterious?) Channy Leaneagh. What’s her story you ask? I’ll start by saying I think she has a sweet spot for Seattle. Leaneagh stated in a Rolling Stone interview she bolted to the Emerald City after she split with her husband – “I was looking for an intense release and a creative release to get away and escape to a different reality.” Funny, that’s exactly why I moved here too. Sounds like Leaneagh and I would be a good match. I’ll squeeze that into our long conversation I imagine us having after the Polica concert tomorrow night. Anyways, that creative release was through music. Leaneagh experimented with her talent in a few projects before Polica, but it was Ryan Olson, a producer and friend who pushed her to be a featured vocalist. They tinkered around and threw auto-tune over her voice, which I thought was heavy reverb at first. Olson found some Minneapolis music scene musicians to back Leaneagh up, they finished Give You the Ghost after a few months of recording and now they have a hit record. Get more of the story via Rolling Stone.


The video was directed by Isaac Gale, produced by Nate Vernon.

Purchase Give You The Ghost here.




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