[Video] Yelle – “Ce Jeu” – 5.1.12

“Ce Jeu”

“Je ne veux pas d’un amour sans faille
Trop parfait tu ne m’intéresses pas
Folle de toi surtout quand tu pars
Fou de moi, j’y vais de ce pas”

I can’t think of any other song that that was played more often than Yelle’s “Ce Jeu” during my last semester at college. The French electropop song (and video) acted as our conch shell call, alerting the household whenever a dance party was about to go down. You wouldn’t think that six 22 year old “men” would all be drawn to a song that none of us could even understand but that was the case, and if you want to hate on us for that, I will straight up fight you… or at least get one of my larger friends to beat you up.

“Ce Jeu” is of Yelle’s 2007 album Pop Up and the equally awesome music video is directed by Yoann Lemoine (Woodkid). Yelle consists of Julie Budet, Jean-Francois Perrier and Tanguy Destable. In addition to 2007’s Pop Up Yelle released Safari Disco Club last year.


Yelle – “Safari Disco Club”

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