VUM – “Strange God” – 2.26.12

VUM – “Strange God”

“My blood it pours from the key, my blood it fills up the sea…
So, why can’t my blood feel me?  Why can’t my blood feel me?
Soldier, you’re made out of wood…
Soldier, you’d run if you could.
Brother, they’ve got you for good…
Brother, they’ve got you for good.
Who’s this strange God of mine?  Where’s this strange God of mine?”

VUM has haunted me.

The last three days turned night, my mind reels in a lush foreign landscape.  I run from shrouded serpents, hunkered down through dampened refuge, heart beating hard.  Future and past concerns melt away; becoming mere mirage to my sleep-deprived wild-eyes.

… Where am I?  What day is this?…

… I stare at the sweated ceiling, fan blades slowed to a stand-still, floral shirt sleeves starched and stuck in place; nothing stirs, nor sways.

VUM recorded this psychedelic pleasure, Night Sun, “in the canyons of the west coast and the jungles of the South Pacific.”  Somehow, I felt it before the fact.  The reverberations echoing across distant coasts, the sickly sweet-tinged tropic air sailing through the microscopic cracks; hissing and gliding through each sound, each syllable, each second…
If I don’t get this album on vinyl, it may be the death of me.  I want to see VUM collaborate with the cats behind Lilacs & Champagne.

Thanks to Chris Zimmerman for pointing out this band!

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