Wild Belle – “Keep You” – 3.11.12

Wild Belle
“Keep You”


I almost don’t want to encourage listening to Wild Belle’s “Keep You” because its so  damn catchy. “Keep You” is like a dream-pop song with elements of reggae and a little ska, a combination I wouldn’t have though would work until I actually listened to it in action.

Wild Belle is the Chicago brother-sister (I think?) duo of Natalie and Elliot Bergman. So far the only songs they’ve released are “Keep You” and “Take Me Away,” both of which leave me wanting more. Wild Belle is scheduled to perform at SXSW this week so chances are they have more material unless they plan on jamming super hard.

Wild Belle will be touring with Tennis starting next month and if you live in Seattle you will definitely see us at their April 26th show at The Crocodile.

If you have any doubts about seeing them in concert try taking a second look at the picture of Natalie Bergman.

– Alex

“Take Me Away”

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