Woodkid – “Wasteland” – 2.25.12


“Most of my sweet memories were buried in the sand
The fire and the pain will now be coming to an end
How did you get to save me from this desolate wasteland
In your eyes I see the dawn of brighter days again”

Yoann Lemoine, or as he’s know by his stage name Woodkid, came out with Iron EP close to a year ago and even though I didn’t first hear it until a few months later, that has still given me sevenish months of listening to only four different tracks of his. Normally that would be a recipe for me to hate his music, but as of now I’ve only grow slightly tired of “Iron” (I attached below, if only for the video) and that’s only because there are three different versions of it on the EP. “Wasteland” is my favorite of the bunch but they really all are worth checking out.

Yoann Lemoine isn’t as well known for his music as he is for the music videos he directs. Although he did direct a music video for a favorite song of mine from a few years ago, “Ce Jeu” by Yelle, the rest of his resume is filled with… I want to say questionable choices. I have no problem with Moby and I simply don’t care about Shoes one way or another, but making videos for Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream” and Taylor Swift’s “Back to December” are definitely black marks in my book. Lemoine also recently filmed videos for Lana Del Rey’s “Born to Die” and Drakes “Take Care” featuring Rihanna, both of which I don’t feel need anything more then to be briefly mentioned for once.

Yoann Lemoine┬áis French. I don’t know if that makes you like or dislike him any more or less, but it’s a fact. He also announced super officially on his Facebook account that he is working on an upcoming album named “The Golden Age”, so look forward to that, I know I will be. Also check out his self directed video below for his song “Iron”.

– Alex


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