Zee Avi – “Swell Window” – 12.6.11

Zee Avi
“Swell Window”

“Like a swell window
I will wait for you,
We’ll ride the moment ‘till I catch you again.
‘Till I catch you again.”

Zee Avi’s album ghostbird has been out since August and I’m very surprised that none of the songs from it have been ruined for me yet by being used in a commercial. If someone can listen to “Swell Window” and tell me that they don’t think it would be the exact song a quirky advertising campaign would use to sell an eco friendly car, or some sort of UPS delivery service would use where one person is waiting for a package from a loved one, or even for a heartwarming advertisement showing how a family member used Windows 7 to do something that brings the whole family closer together, then you my friend are a liar.

When talking about her album ghostbird, Zee Avi said “I want people to feel like they’re being hugged.” I would say that she accomplishes that with “Swell Window” and the rest of the album that she effortlessly sings beautifully through. I recommend checking out this 25 year old Malaysian singer/songwriter before her songs get slapped onto a phone commercial showing how easy it is to talk to someone across the country with its video chat feature and she becomes un-hip to listen to!

– Alex

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