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[Song of the Day] Jessica Pratt - "Back, Baby"

[Song of the Day] Jessica Pratt – “Back, Baby”

Jessica Pratt “Back, Baby” Last night Jessica Pratt played in Portland and now all I want is to become a bioluminescent unicorn just like her. This song was my favorite thing that happened and she played it just after thanking some friends in the audience for putting up with her during...
[Artist Spotlight] Reignwolf

[Artist Spotlight] Reignwolf

WORDS and PHOTOS by JAKE HANSON Since I moved to Seattle, KEXP has introduced me to numerous musical acts that left a heavy dent, but I think it’s safe to say that Jordan Cook, aka Reignwolf has impressed me the most thus far. Needless to say, when I heard he...
[Song of the Day] Lia Ices - "Thousand Eyes"

[Song of the Day] Lia Ices – “Thousand Eyes”

“Thousand Eyes” is off Lia Ices September 2014 album Ices, the follow-up to her wonderful 2011 Grown Unknown. I enjoy Grown Unknown more than Ices, but Lia Kessel still produces several great songs this time out, “Thousand Eyes” being one of them. You can find Lia Ices albums through her...
[Song of the Day] Shannon and the Clams - "Rip Van Winkle"

[Song of the Day] Shannon and the Clams – “Rip Van Winkle”

“Rip Van Winkle” and “Into a Dream” are both off Shannon and the Clams 2013 album Dreams in the Rat House. I missed this when it first came out last year, but have been blasting sunny beach music loud to scare away the gloomy weather and found these songs in...
[Interview] Six Questions with BAD90s

[Interview] Six Questions with BAD90s

A few weeks ago, BAD90s dropped their second track ever and we are positively drooling for more. During Treefort Music Fest back in March, we ate pizza with them and talked about some really important stuff.  Like unicorns. And this. Speaking of Treefort, we’re already too excited about next year after last week’s announcement of the first round of artists. Emily...
[Song of the Day] The Abigails - "Twenty Nine"

[Song of the Day] The Abigails – “Twenty Nine”

I don’t think I could do a better job of placing The Abigails in a certain genera than they did themselves with “Drunken Nylon String Twang.” “Twenty Nine” is off their 2014 album Tundra which can be found on their Bandcamp or through Burger Records. “Black Hell” and “The Waiting...
[Song of the Day] Chinawoman - "What Was Said"

[Song of the Day] Chinawoman – “What Was Said”

“What Was Said” is off Chinawoman’s self-released 2014 album Let’s Part in Style, available through her Bandcamp or Website. I’ve also included a few of my favorites off older releases (“Lifetime In One Night“/”To Be With Others”/”Kiss In Taksim Square“), because they are too weird, dark, and good not to...
[Song of the Day] Alaska In Winter - " Close Your Eyes - We Are Blind (Feat. Zach Condon)"

[Song of the Day] Alaska In Winter – ” Close Your Eyes – We Are Blind (Feat. Zach Condon)”

This isn’t a new song, but I heard it for the first time the other day while perusing around for some Beirut songs. Alaska In Winter wasn’t someone I was aware of when he was releasing music, which is a shame since it appears he no longer is. Fortunately he...
[Song of the Day] Juniore - "La Fin Du Monde"/"Christine"/"Dans Le Noir"

[Song of the Day] Juniore – “La Fin Du Monde”/”Christine”/”Dans Le Noir”

I have zero idea about what the lyrics in Juniore’s songs are about, but I have a difficult time picking up lyrics in languages I actually do understand, so it matters little. What does matter is the voice, that of Anna Jean, and the melody, both of which are sublime....
[Song of the Day] Pure Bathing Culture - "Ivory Coast"

[Song of the Day] Pure Bathing Culture – “Ivory Coast”

 Pure Bathing Culture “Ivory Coast” Pure Bathing Culture‘s “Ivory Coast” makes everything just right. “Ivory Coast” is off their 2012 Pure Bathing Culture EP. Listen, support and follow them here.  
[Sound of the Day] RiotHorse - "Rabbit Hole"

[Sound of the Day] RiotHorse – “Rabbit Hole”

I stumbled upon a piece of scratch paper on my desk from around a month ago that says “Party Horse (or something) – Rabbit Hole”. Since lose-leaf paper is one of the many scientific ways I track music I either enjoy or want to listen to, I was eventually able...
[Song of the Day] Elderbrook - "Could"

[Song of the Day] Elderbrook – “Could”

“Could” is one of the three tracks off the upcoming November 24th EP Simmer Down, by 20-year-old UK-based Alexander Kotz (Elderbrook). You can pre-order Elderbrook’s the upcoming EP through Black Butter Records, and follow him on Twitter, Facebook, or Soundcloud. -Alex
[Song of the Day] King Tuff - "Danger in the Dark"

[Song of the Day] King Tuff – “Danger in the Dark”

King Tuff “Danger in the Dark” A single King Tuff released leading up to the release of Black Moon Spell, although it didn’t end up on the album. It was part of a Captain Morgan campaign called the Tavern Series, and produced by New York rap producer Harry Fraud who’s most...
[Song of the Day] French Kicks - "Abandon"

[Song of the Day] French Kicks – “Abandon”

French Kicks “Abandon” The besssssst. French Kicks’ “Abandon” is off their 2008 release, Swimming via Vagrant.
Wildcat! Wildcat! - "No Moon At All"

Wildcat! Wildcat! – “No Moon At All”

I discovered Wildcat! Wildcat! around the same time we started this music blog and I think I featuring just about every single from their debut EP in those first couple months. Now, two years later, the “wildcats” are back and “prowling”[?] the “countryside” on their first full length, No Moon At All. As...
[Song of the Day] Love Inks - "Regular Lovers"

[Song of the Day] Love Inks – “Regular Lovers”

“Regular Lovers” is off Love Inks new album, Exi, out now through Republic of Music. You can follow the Austin, TX based band on Facebook, Twitter, Bandcamp, Soundcloud and purchase their album here. -Alex  
Sasquatch! Fest 2014

Sasquatch! Fest 2014

Yes. We are about three weeks past due on any sort of appropriate reporting from Sasquatch! Festival, although I don’t think anyone has ever held us to any standard for being timely on our music coverage. All that matters at this point is that we had a wonderful time and...
April 2014 Favorites

April 2014 Favorites

I messed up this month and waited until the last minute to make this playlist. As a result (because I somehow managed to have 90 damn songs), I didn’t have time to include all the information about each song and band I included. If you like something you hear, please...
[Interview] Seven Questions with Iska Dhaaf

[Interview] Seven Questions with Iska Dhaaf

WORDS and PHOTOS by BEN LINDBLOOM & TRAVIS GILLETT Iska Dhaaf (Nathan Quiroga and Benjamin Verdoes) seems to output pure and substantial brilliance. It’s only been out of a lack of personal ambition that we haven’t written about them sooner. Possibly, we didn’t have the time and energy to honestly...
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[Song of the Day]/[Music Video] Disa - "Sculpture"/"Stones"

[Song of the Day]/[Music Video] Disa – “Sculpture”/”Stones”

I’m not sure what it is that makes Icelandic artists so appealing to me, but it seems like I can’t go even a few months without becoming obsessed with a new one. Rather than question why that is, or why so many seem to come from that area of the world, I’m instead going to...
[Video] Angel Olsen - "Windows"

[Video] Angel Olsen – “Windows”

Angel Olsen “Windows” As if I needed another reason to listen to only this song until July, here are four more: Really dirty bangs A perfect visual encapsulation of what I’ve always imagined it’s like to be a mother VASELINE ON THE FACE Casual appearance by a ruff –Catie
[Song of the Day] Father John Misty - "Bored in the USA"

[Song of the Day] Father John Misty – “Bored in the USA”

As big fans of Josh Tillman’s Father John Misty, we couldn’t be happier to finally hear a track off  the upcoming I Love You, Honeybear due out February 10th 2015 through Sub Pop. I don’t think we could do a better job than he does at explaining the upcoming album: “I Love You, Honeybear was...
[Song of the Day]/[Music Video] Crater - "Crater Head"

[Song of the Day]/[Music Video] Crater – “Crater Head”

During my unplanned and unpaid Summer/Fall music sabbatical, I missed a lot of new music coming out abroad and in this case, my very own backyard of Seattle. Craters is one of the bands I’m happily catching up on, and what better place to start than their wonderful track “Crater Head” (free to download). The...
[Song of the Day] Marika Hackman - "Drown"

[Song of the Day] Marika Hackman – “Drown”

Previously found on nearly every list I’ve made in the past year, Marika Hackman continues to impress with her newest track “Drown”. “Drown” is the first off her upcoming album We Slept At Last, due out February 16th. Make sure and check out Hackman’s previous output, and follow her through Facebook, Soundcloud, or Website. -Alex...
[Song of the Day] Sea Oleena - "If I'm"

[Song of the Day] Sea Oleena – “If I’m”

“If I’m” manages to hit two of my most-liked aspects of a song by featuring a piano and hauntingly beautiful female vocals. Off Sea Oleena’s (now available) third album Shallow, “If I’m” wavers back and forth guided by the soft plucks of the music and her quietly powerful voice. All three of Sea Oleena’s albums...
[Song of the Day]/[Video] The Dirty Moogs - "I'm Alright"

[Song of the Day]/[Video] The Dirty Moogs – “I’m Alright”

  You want the most sensual kraut-rock space-disco this side of the interstellar-Mississippi? Then vibe with The Dirty Moogs. Constituents of Boise, Idaho (where is that? did he even fact check?), these groovy cats know how to put down rainbow-highway-melodies with the best of them. Daft Punk, eat your gahdamn robo-hearts out.  
[Song of the Day] Aurora - "Awakening"

[Song of the Day] Aurora – “Awakening”

Fresh off  the fuse lighting events of signing with Glassnote Records and playing five separate shows at CMJ, the 18-year-old from Norway is set to blowup in 2015 with the release of her debut album. If the record is anything like “Awakening” I’m sure it will find a spot on my year-end favorites. You can...
[New Music] BAD90s - "Parts of You"

[New Music] BAD90s – “Parts of You”

BAD90s “Parts of You”   Remember a million years ago (February 2014) when everything became okay again because BAD90s made this song? Well, just in time for winter, the somewhat mysterious threesome? foursome? (their performance at Treefort Music Fest really only told us they are very good at making shadows … tune in next week for our interview with...
[Song of the Day] The Babies - "Alligator"

[Song of the Day] The Babies – “Alligator”

The Babies “Alligator” I’v been meaning to feature The Babies for about a year now. They were opening for Chastity Belt at a small dive bar on Capitol Hill, I had no idea who they were, and they blew me away. I’ve been listening to their album Our House on the Hill, consistently ever since. Whenever this...
[Video] Chet Faker - "Gold"

[Video] Chet Faker – “Gold”

Chet Faker “Gold” This is one of those videos that you show a friend and your relationship grows a little bit stronger. One of those videos that you bond over because you’ve just exposed them to something they appreciate you for exposing them to, and you’ve provided them something that they can share with their friends and ultimately...
[Song of the Day] Angel Olsen - "All Right Now"/"May As Well"

[Song of the Day] Angel Olsen – “All Right Now”/”May As Well”

I’ve slacked terribly this past year in regards to finding and posting about new music, but there’s one artist I’ve already included in my February and March roundups, a Song of the Day in April, and almost certainly my future year-end best-of list. Obviously I’m talking about Angel Olsen, the Missouri-born singer songwriter that can...